About Sherrill

Sherrill was born in Montreal, Quebec in November 1942. She studied at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and was awarded the Prestigious “Frothingham Scholarship” for three consecutive years. During this time Chase worked under the guidance of Arthur Lismer, one of the founders of the Group of Seven. She also worked with other prominent Canadian artists including Gentile Tondino, Patrick Landsley, Claude Tousignant and Stanley Lewis.

Her Travels

Sherrill spent a couple years in the West Indies, (St. Vincent) and then moved with her family to Stockholm, Sweden. In the late 1960’s she was elected a member of the Royal Organization of Swedish Artists. KRO. She has spent the past several years in Western Canada, living for a short time in Kelowna, before relocating to Osoyoos BC, where she and her husband Don, now call home. Sherrill has a lovely studio in Osoyoos, along with a gallery in nearby Oliver BC.

Her Style

Sherrill creates what she describes as “interiors/exteriors, combined still life’s – which are anything but still – and landscapes.” She is generous with her comfortable, pleasing and amply furnished interiors. They contain windows or doors through which the outside can be viewed but not as a contrast in composition and mood. Rather, the outside views become an integral part of the painted scene.

Chase works with a palette ranging from bold primary colours to serene pastels. Through her work, she invites you – the viewer – to come into her paintings and experience the whimsy and happiness that has been created on the canvas. Sherrill also loves to paint pet portraits and has completed many. These animal/pet portraits are lifelike and capture the personality of each subject she paints. You can’t help but smile when you see her work.

Her Designations/Associations

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Her Galleries

Sherrill has been featured in a number of galleries over the years including:

Her Group Shows

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Her Collections

Sherrill has her work in many collections including:

Chase has also had her work featured on four covers of the Canadian version of Reader’s Digest.

Her Website

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Her Artwork For Sale

To purchase any of Sherrill’s artwork there is a ‘Contact’ section on the website. Or visit her at the Chase Gallery at the Oliver Indoor Flea Market in the “Yellow Room” – 6025 Station Street, Oliver, British Columbia any Saturday (8 AM – 3 PM) or Sunday (9 AM – 3 PM).