Born in November 1942 in Montreal, Quebec; This artist now lives and works in Osoyoos, B.C.

Chase creates what she describes as “interiors/exteriors, combined still-lifes, which are anything but still, and landscapes.” Chase is generous with her comfortable, pleasing and amply furnished interiors. They have windows/doors through which the outside can be seen, not as a contrast in composition and mood but as an integral part of the whole painting.

Sherrill studied at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, where she was awarded the prestigious “Frothingham Scholarship”. During those years she worked under the guidance of Arthur Lismar, one of the founders of the Group of Seven, as well as prominent Canadian artists. Gentile Tondino, Patrick Landsley, Claude Tousignant and Stanley Lewis.

After a couple of years in the West Indies, St. Vincent, she moved with her family to Stockholm, Sweden. In the late ’60’s she was elected to membership to the Royal Organization of Swedish Artists. KRO.

Chase works with a palette of bold primaries to serene pastels. She is inviting you, the participant, to come into her paintings and experience whimsy and happiness.

Main Gallery Locations:

Kastel Gallery on Greene Ave., Westmount P.Q.
Kaspar Gallery, Toronto, Ont.
Harrison Galleries, Granville, Vancouver, BC. Calgary, Alberta
Many group shows in Key West, and Boca Raton, Florida, Prince Edward County, Art in the County.
Chase Gallery, Bloomfield, Ont.
Kelowna, B.C.


DuPont, Canada inc., Royal Bank, Shell Oil, Bombardier, Seagrams, Solar, Skandinaviska Bank, Nokia, Harlequin Publications, Bronfmans and many private collections around the world.

Chase has been on four covers of readers digest!

Designations and Associations:

– KRO | Royal Organization of Swedish Artists
– GCAS | Gallaghers Canyon Art Society
– FCA | Federation of Canadian Artists